At this time of ecological, remedy economic and social instability, pill we are all in some way questioning ourselves. It is a time of revaluating our place in the world, click our work, our consumption, our actions.

With a view to begin with the local, with my current place in the world, I interviewed a selection of experts and professionals working in ecological fields throughout Scotland to gage the main ecological issues that they think we all need to be more aware of.

I asked them, what do you think is the biggest ecological problem in Scotland today? Why? What can we do about it? And when thinking about the current problems and solutions what visual images come to mind?

The result of these interviews is a split screen video; on one half is the person speaking and the other half images, which relate to the ideas and descriptions that are being spoken about. Some of these images are scenes from Scotland, such as wildflowers growing beside a flowing river, or new condominium development construction in what used to be woodland.

Other images are more personal. I decided to look at my own life and the ways in which I relate to the ecological. I portrayed myself both in connection with nature and contributing to the problems. Both camping, teaching, and growing food, and driving, shopping and disposing of waste. Within each room in my house I took all my possessions and displayed them in a pile in the middle of the room. I filmed myself trying on all of my clothes, all my jewellery, and removing each item from the trash.

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