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Winner of the thhe Euan Millar Award for Best Abstract Painting, 2021.

A floating garden island, which cleans water and provides a home for birds, a tide pool painting created using the watery flow of paint, a dialogue between teenagers about climate change; my art addresses the relationship between humanity and nature, in oneness and in antagonism. I am interested in the power of art to express this fulcrum, the grace of connection, the denial and disconnection from dissociation with the natural world, the hope of mitigation and the struggle of adaptation that is part of the present experience. Through painting, photography, video and community installations I depict personal ecologies, our connections and disconnections with ourselves, each other, and nature.  I have an MFA in fine art from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen and an BFA from Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. I currently live in Scotland and exhibit in the UK and the USA.