I am interested in patterns of social resilience and decay. Where and when are we living up to our full potential? What leads us to addiction and despair?

In this work half of the photographs are self-portraits taken in the location where the person felt fulfilled and most connected to his/her essence. These were taken by the subject using a remote control shutter release allowing them to be present to the moment and to the camera.  The other half of the photographs are where the person felt disconnected and not present. The photographs are accompanied by video interviews in which the participants answer my questions and explain the stories behind their photographs.  By revealing themselves in personal scenes and interviews of connection and disconnection the participants provide insight into fundamental questions of human identity and societal dysfunction.  I am interested in how our ability to be present or not impacts social and ecological sustainability.

In my approach to portraiture I am placing the power in the hands of the subject.  They are making the decision about the location, help the expression, here and the action.  They are not subjects in the traditional sense waiting to be photographed and obeying the directions of the artist, but instead they take the responsibility for the image in their own hands, and they have the opportunity to express the personal meaning behind the image in their own words on video.