I am fascinated by the relationship between fluidity and solidity. Through pouring liquid paint I seek to bring the uncontrolled freedom of water into the painting; allowing water to speak for itself as it flows across the canvas. I developed a new technique for this series, which I call flow casting. This technique involves using clay to form the shape of sections of the river. This acts as a barrier and a mold keeping the liquid paint from escaping and allowing it to dry while capturing the flow. This allows me to contain the chaos of wet poured paint. In painting, as in life, I learn to release and go with the flow, while at the same time guiding the direction of the flow so that it harmonises with my vision. To make the rocks in the river I first model them in clay, then wait for the paint to dry to remove the clay and paint the rocks in the spaces left behind. This also allows for the liquid paint to move around the rocks in the way that it would in an actual river.