• reef-deluge-93cm-x-93cm
  • cross-currents
  • Aqueous-Sunset
  • Wavelength
  • Surge
  • water painting

Living beside the Moray Firth and the Findhorn Bay I have become immersed in the fluid language and emotion of the seascape. The intricate flowing world of life within a tide pool, or the regenerating energy of wave upon wave crashing on the shore, fills me with curiosity and wonder at the beauty and power of this element which has shaped our world more than any other. These paintings seek to portray the cyclical flowing nature of water and the emotional pull that this creates within.

I chose to incorporate the natural flow of paint on canvas to capture the freedom of water and then to combine this with brushstrokes and painted imagery. The drips become windows into the inner layer of the paintings or water droplets filled and floating on top. This body of work is an exchange and an interplay between the fluidity and often unpredictable beauty of water as paint, and myself as artist in relationship to this flow.