• below-between
  • underwater-rain
  • under-the-lotus
  • pond-reflections

These paintings examine the watery depths, flow, and hidden life within a freshwater pond. For the exhibition these paintings accompanied the Floating Biosculpture on Brodie Pond designed by Biomatrix Water. It was a delight to spend time with the pond, soaking up the tranquil atmosphere, feeling the embrace of the sheltering trees, noticing the reflections of these trees, the sky and the shifting light on the surface of the water, & enjoying the presence, movement and voice of the birds, ducks, swans, frogs & insects that live here.

In several of the paintings I was inspired by imagining the life under the water. Beneath the Biosculpture islands the roots of the plants are home to millions of beneficial microorganisms that spread out into the water and help to keep it clean. I sought to paint the infusion of life and vitality from the Biosculpture as it flows out into the pond. I imagined looking up at waterlilies from underneath. One day I was standing under the trees next to the pond during a rain shower and I noticed the drops falling from the tree branches and creating a pattern of intermingling circles upon the surface of the water. I tried to paint what I imagined this might be like from underwater looking up towards the surface.